Protein bars in supplement magazine - secret tips

I have been asked if I am a protein bar expert. The answer is no. My main focus is on the protein. I also write about nutrition for a living. I have been writing for the past 25 years. I am in the nutrition field. I am a registered dietitian. I am also a certified personal trainer and a registered strength and conditioning specialist. I have a bachelor's in biochemistry and a master's in nutrition. I have worked with thousands of people to help them achieve their body weight and weight loss goals.

Do you have a favorite protein bar?

Yes, the Cressey's are my favorite. I use the Chocolate protein bar, which is made with protein powder, whey, soy milk, and cacao powder. The other good options are the Peanut Butter protein bar and the M&M's.

How about your favorite brand of protein bar?

My favorite brand is Cressey's. I like the taste of protein, but they are not as thick as some of the other brands. I also like that the chocolate flavor is a little different than other brands because it is a little sweeter and more chocolate. I like the flavor , so I get lots of orders for it.

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